Apr 25, 2009

Tea Tasting

I suppose to post this weeks ago but because of my abrupt disappearance at for for 1 week, I was dragged down to filter more than a thousand emails and issues to follow up.
Tea is another type of drink that may be just as good as wine. Just as expensive depending on its age, where and when the leaves were picked and how it is being kept. About the same as wine only it's more recognisable in western countries.
My friend, Dora manage to bring my brother and I to check out some tea at several tea shop in South City Plaza, Serdang. It's rare to see these kind of shops selling in a mall. Generally, I only knew about Purple Cane where you can see it almost every mall and hypermarket in KL. Yes, Purple Cane usually sell at a slightly higher price. I don't know in terms of quality though in comparison to the rest of the tea shops. There's another one that I know which was Hojo in Midvalley Megamall. That shop definitely sells at a very high end price. Again, I don't know how to compare since my experience of tea tasting is at the restaurant drinking either 'shuet cha', jasmine tea, teh sabah and Tea-Boh.

Only recently, Dora had introduced me several types of tea depending on its age and such, there was actually some difference in taste. Some would taste 'raw' some would have a smooth tingling taste in the throat. I'd like to buy some tea too so I asked her for some recommendation. Of course this requires some tea tasting in order for me to be able to choose which would taste best for me.

Tea for sale


I brought Glen along since I was too lazy to bring him home after we did some gardening in Xavier Hall. Plus I wanted him to learn a little bit about tea tasting and gain some knowledge about the chinese culture.

Upon arriving, Glen tried several types of tea. His verdict.... "it tastes the same"

The shop keeper and 2 old timers were interested in Glen's sense of taste and had him tasting all kinds of tea in the shop. Well almost all of it. From the most bitter to the lightest taste of tea, from the fraganced and normal smell of tea, Glen's answer was the same. "It tastes the same"

I couldn't remember how many hours the poor shopowner brewed several tea for Glen with Dora and I feeled so stressed that Glen will never be able to make the difference.

Glen getting ready for tea


At the end of the day, the shop owner stopped as Glen gave the final answer one was bitter than the other of course for him, they 'tasted the same'. The shop owner advised me not to use Glen to buy tea because he won't know the difference. Who knows he might end up buying the bitter tea that nobody would want to drink. I don't trust Glen's taste buds either. He doesn't even know the difference between one food item to another. I can just give him any 'cheap' food as long he doesn't know where it come from. Haha... That fella only know whether it's salty, sweet, sour or spicy.

Eventually, I bought 1 'tuo cha' for myself. At least I myself can drink it at home and had the rest of the household to drink and taste it.
Shop owner intimidated by Glen
After the experience of tea tasting, it made me ponder why people are so particular in taste and the methods of taking it? Like Glen said, "It's just tea, so it tastes the same." - made me think as if tea another type of flavored water.
Drinking tea would definitely makes no difference with any other flavored drinks. But tasting it, it gives a different kind of twist to the individual. For me, it's just simply refreshing and gives a peace of mind for a good cup of tea.

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