May 10, 2009

Jom Makang! (Come let's eat!) - **Warning! Not for the empty stomach!**

Terengganu food is generally sweet and not extremely spicy. Due to its situation along the coast line of the South China Sea, most of the dish we had were fish, coconut and rice.

I could say one of my personal favourites would be nasi dagang(trader's rice) because of its texture between the normal and glutinous rice with addition to the curry fish and some pickled vegetables. It tasted so good that the tummy shouts out first before my head alerted me to say "Take a shot!"

All the other food that I manage to take didn't mean they taste not as good but as least seeing what my friends were doing, they manage to remind me that it's worth to keep a few shots to remember what kind of food I had been eating. All in all, they were wonderfully delicious. I was thankful as well that Chris' sister-in-law took the hassle to buy some food for us and let us try the best of Terengganu cuisine.

We had nasi kerabu (above) - which was famous for its blue coloured rice with ulam(herbs), Laksa(right) - generally called Laksang by the locals, Nasi Minyak (below) - in direct translation was 'oil rice' which I can't think further to imagine the amount of calories it carried :)
I never knew fish can be cooked in so many ways... Simply delicious!

With all the variety of food, there's nothing better than a few glasses of fruit juice to 'cool down' the body since the food was quite heaty(the weather was rather hot too). You had no idea the price you could get for 1 big glass of it! Surely less than 50% of the price in KL that's for sure.

So, we had mango+dragonfruit juice.... Mind you, it's not safe to drink if you're going to have a long journey in the next few hours. Dragonfruit was known to detox the body efficiently.

Gosh, I'm so addicted to fish right now....


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Oh Kim, you are making me feeling hungry!! So much food! So tantalizing!