May 18, 2009

Kenyir Lake, Terengganu

Since young I was advised not to get close to any waters possible. I could still remember when I wanted to take diving license with my friends years back until he said, "Man is not meant to born and breath in water, and so it's dangerous for them to get close to it". The conversation ended as I know it's a losing game to pursue my intention in diving.

So, Kenyir also involved with a lot of water. There's nothing much to be afraid off because it's just a dam built in separate places to hold up large amounts of water which turned it into a very big lake. Much bigger than Singapore, I presume.

My personal advise to anyone who wants to go boating, fishing etc... don't use the hotel's services.
Take the time to walk down and out from the resort and get the best deal from the local boatmen in order to travel around the lake. It's best to travel either early in the morning or evening for photography.

We managed to go to one of the island that had a waterfall(I couldn't recall the name). Climbing up and looking down below definitely looked dangerous. Being someone who was terrified with heights, I had to gather up my courage and crawled up to the side of the waterfall with my friends. If not because of friends, I would had just sit under a tree and just watch. Being up there, it was not so hard after all.

Another note to take, bring your own meals. The meals provided by the hotel was very expensive - 1 fried rice would cost you RM23 per plate. We managed to eat with the staff with less than RM4 perplate. The food was not satisfying enough and we ended up eating again(1 cup of Maggie) in the hotel together. It was one of my best moments with the gang. :)

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beetrice said... can actually tahan to stand at the edge to take photos...I think I would have pengsan already by then!