May 19, 2009

Pulau Kapas, Terengganu

It's a one day trip to Pulau Kapas with Chris and Carol where it took us 15 minutes by speedboat from Marang. Pulau Kapas which means Cotton Island was attributed from it's white(and soft) sandy beaches in this island. Probably, in the past that island really lived up to its name until more and more people keeps coming in for the holidays. Like most virgin islands, it'll always be clean and beautiful for us.

Once it's being promoted, people from most parts of the world would come over to see this enchanting island. My only fear is was that will it ever be the same again when I come back? Most probably not, as you know how most Malaysians have a lack sense of maintainence.
As long as the money keeps coming in, it's fine. Let 'nature' do the rest.

Everything in Pulau Kapas was simply beautiful and peaceful. We were lucky that there not many people around because it's not the holiday season. I wish we could stay longer but Carol and I had to return to KL on the next day. Although it's a few hours trip walking around the island, it was well worth it.

Partly, it reminded me of my childhood years when my parents used to bring me and my brother to the beach to play. I really missed those moments as I looked passed the sea and waves crashing agains the sand. For every family, it's well worth the trip for everyone, especially children. :)


jani said...

love your third photo of the seashells.
clean and fresh feels.

Karen said...

Love your photos, Kimmy! Keep posting!

zewt said...

there's still much beauty on this part of the earth... isnt it?

Kimmy said...

Jani & Karen : Thanks :)

zewt: Yes, there's plenty of it. Depends as well how much $$ I can afford to travel which part of the world. It is sad though that our own country doesn't take that much effort to maintain our natural environment.