May 9, 2009

Terengganu A Curious Place

I only heard so little of Terengganu from friends and families that it was quite hard for me to get excited. To me, it's another laid back place with beaches and small fishing villages around. Knowing a few stories and experience from Chris of his hometown had put me into a curious mode to go there and what encouraged me to make the decision to finally go there was because a group of friends of the Wednesday gathering.

So, I packed my bags and flew with Carol while Lionel, Mel and Joyce drove in a lion crested car. Chris who was our host during the trip had left on the day before awaited our arrival.

As we landed, I had my mouth opened to see the beautiful architecture of the airport. It reminded me of the international airport at Jakarta but this one had a touch of the Terengganu culture.

My sense of excitement towards this place took momentum and it lasted until today. I was touched with the hospitality from Chris' family and the politeness of the people around. It's something that was really hard to experience in the city.

For a normal laid back place, it touched my heart and made me see this place as beautiful.

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jani said...

Tell more on the place. I never had a thought to visit there until now. :p
so it depends on Kimmy to attract me there then. :D