Jun 22, 2009


Remember when you're kid that you'd always wanted to jump on the bed or owned a trampolin if you can afford it? If you're a Murut, probably you'll be one of those lucky children who'd get the chance of jumping on it all day long. This trampolin like floor which is built in a house-like hall is generally called as "lansaran". The word lansaran itself can be called as a a type of dance where at the same time a group or a person(depending how the competition is held) will jump - called as "maningkawot" to get the kinkilat (prize).
During the Kaamatan festival at Hongkod Koisan, your dream of jumping on a giant trampolin (appx 81 square feed in size) will come true. It'll take a lot of stamina and cooperation between a big group of friends to get yourself jumped up towards the roof.

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CaroL Magdalene said...

i played this game before:) it can be a good form of exercise as well