Jun 26, 2009

A death that shocked the world

I was driving to work early in the morning at before 6am in order to leave early from work by 4.30pm. Right before passing the usual toll at KESAS highway, the news from the radio announced Michael Jackson's death due to heart attack. I immediately smsed to a few of my family and friends about it.
A few flashbacks came when I was much younger enjoyed most of his music. The family and I would watch the Grammies just to watch MJ taking his trophies and giving off his speeches. Funny that we were happy as well for his winnings that time. Perhaps after the controversies and growing out of the interest of MJ, I have not much interest in his updates and personal life. Although, I do not know him in person... I can only say his songs were remarkable. Such a gifted person and such a loss to all of us.

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Baby Pin Zun said...

a lost to the musical world...