Jun 17, 2009

I miss home...

I just met my cousin at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi last night as she was on her business trip and stayed for the night. It was a really nice feeling to be with one of my close relative eventhough I only met them once a year since I started working.
Constantly, I've been thinking about the merry making on the Bosi Hill, the peacefulness back in Tuaran and the constant laughs I had when I walked around the town observing the people around.
I even missed the Mee Tuaran which was sold next to the town library and the meals cooked by my mum for dinner.
The nearby beach where I went with my dad would try to fish(with no avail) and collect some clams to eat with belacan.
There are a lot of reasons to stay back at home but at the same time, there are several reasons as well that I have to come back to KL. 1 week had passed after my return and I really felt the long duration of time. It seems to be ticking rather slow apparently.

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Janice Stone said...

yup, home is always where our hearts would be. I miss home too, and I just came back from home for 2 weeks. I miss home, I miss my parents, my siblings, my friends and the food, and everything!