Jun 27, 2009

Shanti & Sathis' Engagement

It was my first time attending an engagement. It's an engagement held in aHindu temple where everything was done symbolically. I entered the temple receiving some blessings from Shanti's sister and sweets from her mother.
It was quite a long ceremony and yet can be interesting as well on how it was done. You may be lucky to be invited by one of your close friends to come over and watch. I enjoyed the whole event now only because of the symbolism but also the colours around it. For my eyes, plenty of potential photographs to be taken.

Shanti was one of the few people I knew since I started working in the company. We were from the same batch during that year and been close not only as neighbours but also as a good friend in and out of work. Being a person who's dedicated to her work, no doubt she'd be dedicated towards her family as well. Sathis, a senior to us had been eyeing for her for years ever since she was a trainee. It took a lot of courage and a few encouragements(and hints) for him to approach to her during the first year.

It was rather funny to observe from far and how the process was going on. All in all, I was happy for them that they found each other.

Congatulations to you both! I'll be looking forward for your wedding early next year. :)

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