Sep 6, 2009

First stroll at Guilin

We were blessed to have a short rainfall during our lunch since the haze was rather thick. It had been several days that Guilin had no rain so I guess it was good to have a breath of fresh clean air. The cause of the haze was mostly due to the construction along the highway from the airport to Guilin.

Everything there was different especially in terms of language. To be there, I had no idea what items or shops it was trying to show unless I took good look at it. I was at the mercy of my chinese mandarin speaking friends in the Wednesday Group. Haha...

The first thing that striked me was the food which smelt like bamboo. At first, the taste was rather nice but it's advisable not to take too much of it as one can get fed up with the taste easily.
Lo han Ko was quite a common drink and different from what I had in Malaysia. As you know, drinks served in Malaysia was always sweet. But here, sugar was not added at all but they'll include some chrysantimum flowers and served it as the typical tea we always had. Kinda like flavoured water without sugar. To me, it seems healthier and tasted much better without sugar.

The 'must try' food in Guilin was the Mee Fen... it was cooked with meat, preserved veges and groundnuts. The rice noodles differs from one shop to another so the 'best' way to recognise whether it's good to eat was to ask a local or take a stroll on a few shops and enter to the ones that had the most number of people :)

At night, we took a stroll along the lake and found a night market near by. We manage to buy a few things as souvenirs which could be found in our own country. Only at a much cheaper price. Of course, there are a few items which one can't find in Malaysia due to the lack or artistic values shown in public.

Just by the bridge, we were entertained by a violinist who played beautiful songs throughout the night. The group sat along the stairs and listen to his music. It was nice to see someone doing this out of his interest and used his talent to make a living.

We also had the chance to have our name written down in a poem on a fan. I had not written my own chinese name since my grandfather passed away, so I guess that's the time I started to use it and appreciate it more by understanding its meaning.
I also took the opportunity to make a stamp of my chinese name in hope that I could read and write in chinese in the near future and perhaps can use the stamp as well as my second signature.

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beetrice said...

awww...sounds like you had a great time! more pix more pix! :D