Sep 28, 2009

Impressions of Liu San Jie

Still in Yangshuo, it was about a half an hour's drive from our hotel to the Li River where the performance was held. The arrangements were quite messy and it was torture to be someone who can't speak a word in Mandarin. I depended entirely on my Mandarin speaking friends to do the translation and enquiring about the event. Eventually, some English speaking tourists joined our group eventually because they were just as lost as I was who couldn't understand.

We manage to be at our seats before the performance started. The area was packed! I wondered how they manage to make that place packed so often. Some said that free tickets were given to the locals to make sure that the place was full.

The performance was directed by the Zhang Yimou who also directed for the performance during the Beijing Olympics 2008. Nature was being used as the stage itself plus a few coloured spotlights and a great sound system. The performance was spectacular but my photos couldn't do any justice with such a distance and lack of light. Night shots and moving objects has always been my weakest point with this camera :(

It consisted into 5 different elements. Red, Green, Blue, Gold and Silver. All of it reflects the lifestyle or Liu San Jie (3rd sister of the Liu family). It was based on a legend for the Hakka people and then shown in a musical video in the 1960s. Up to now, I haven't seen the English version of the video yet. Though I would love to understand how Liu San Jie gave such witty answers in a song during the singing competition.

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