Sep 7, 2009

River Cruise to Yangshuo

On the way from Yangshuo from Guiling, a cruise along the Li River must not be missed. Food was also included during the trip which took about a few hours the cruise ship set off. Make sure to have a light breakfast up front to avoid 'starvation'. We were lucky enough in a way for getting a separate room which segregated us from the other passangers who had to share in a few tables. I guess it was due to the fact that we brought big luggages to Yangshuo compare to the rest of the passengers.
Food which was provided in the cruise was fresh from the locals who rushed to the boat using their rafts. I was impressed with the way they chased towards the kitchen. While rowing, one even had the chance to have a smoke.
It was a wonder from a city at Guilin, the river remained crystal clear and most locals could still use it for bathing, fishing, feeding the water buffaloes with water weeds and so on. Something that I rarely see in my own country. If only our country had a way to keep the river clean just like at the Li river.

As for the rest of the 4 hours trip, we laid back and observed the beauty of God's creation.

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