Sep 26, 2009

We got our own tour guide for 2 days with Carol's help. She may be small in size, but I find her impressive in a physical sense(in the next post). There were some misunderstanding at the beginning of the cruise that it took us some time to meet her. Without a coloured flag just like any other people in tour groups, we're grappling through the handphone as form of communication.

Just like from what we read and heard from her, it's advised to be alert with your wallet and bags at all time when you're in the West Street in Yangshuo. The first impression I had was almost like Jonker's Street in Malacca but definitely more variety and things to buy.

One can also take a few good shots or some nice dessert along the street. For clothes, try to cut to 1/3 of the real price for a good bargain. But it's cheap enough for your taste or in comparison to where you come from, just buy it. :) Like some people would say, it's dirt cheap. Well, not exactly... for me. I'm not really good at bargaining, so I don't buy that much souvenirs or items that day. But it's fun to observe the items that people sell there. I was tempted at times to buy a drawing but to think where to hang it, I cancelled my intentions since I live in a pigeon hole.

Another facsinating thing here, they sold pictures or T-shirts of popular faces like Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson, Obama, Bruce Lee etc. Their artworks were good.

We had dinner with their famous dish, beer fish where they used beer to cook the fresh water fish. By taste, it was not bad but I don't fancy the fine bones of the fish. As usual, I opt for the fish head. Easier and more satisfying to eat.
On our way back before journeying to the musical performance nearby, we enjoyed the view of the sunset shining against the lime hills of Yangshuo reflecting the river nearby.


beetrice said...

more more!! :D no chance to go China so must live vicariously thru you...hehe...

kat said...

Can we have beer fish too? Just pour the beer to cook it? Am very curious..

Kimmy said...

Bee: Laaa, don't be like that lar..

Kat: Maybe we should experiment hehe.. But Dora must be around to monitor in case we may have put the fish in flames.