Oct 6, 2009

Da Vinci in Malaysia!

Since young, I've always been facsinated by his works and hopeful to see them one day when I have some extra $$. The interest of knowing him increased as I studied my first year in Engineering. That's where I found out that he made lot of 'wacky' inventions and it was brilliant!

Good news is that one doesn't need to travel far to see his works. There'll be 188 exhibits to be shown at Pusat Sains Negara starting from 1st Oct 2009. The interesting part is that a blogger, Gallivanter is giving away 100 tickets for free and it's quite simple to get them(as long as you have a blog of your own)... :)

For more info about the exhibition and getting the free tickets, check out the blog here.


Gallivanter said...

Congrats! You just got yourself 2 tickets! :-)

Kimmy said...

Yippee! Thanks Daniel. :)

KrisKan said...

I got the tickets as well :P
how r u planning to get it?

Kimmy said...

Will be fetching is this Friday. Quite near to where i work. You want me to help you? Then can pass you during dinner. You can inform Daniel that I'll help you.

zewt said...

so you will get it by blogging about it eh?

Kimmy said...

Yes! I've received the tickets already. :)