Oct 22, 2009

The Moon Hill

It's a 'must go' place once you're in Yangshuo. My friends would scare me since day one about climbing mountains and hiking because I was afraid of heights. Yes, I had cold sweat just thinking about it. It's due to the fact that I was famous in falling down every year without fail during my school years. And it always ended bleeding. The last time I damage my knees was when I got involved in a motorcycle accident.
So, that was the turning point of my 'luck' in falling down and damage my knees to the max. Ho ho ho.. But the fear of falling was still there. I know myself that I have very weak knees and ankles.

As we step towards the 800 stairs up to the Moon Hill, we saw the warning signs that looked pretty funny. I think it supposed to say do not smoke or throw matches and then be careful as you step into the hill. Being a none speaking + reading half chinese person, I didn't ponder much on it. They looked just funny.

It was a looong way up. All of us were tired and our guide Maria didn't even break a sweat. All of us carried our knapsacks with bottles of water and she just carried a red handbag. I felt really challenged to see someone climbing up so easily. Even an old lady who may be twice of my age could follow us easily and fan at one of us at the same time. Hoping that we may buy her drinks she was carrying.

In the end, we manage to reach the top of the mountain. Simply breathtaking!


Joan said...

I think I know the motorbike incident you mentioned here ;)

Kimmy said...

Hahah... yeah, your guess is correct. Probably it improved my bearings from falling.