Oct 3, 2009

Yangshuo (I)

We started our morning breakfast without going through room service or eating in the hotel. Just a stroll down outside the hotel, a small shop caught our attention with a lady selling some steamed chestnuts and sweet potatoes with her 3 daughters. She was friendly and would readily photos for us in front of the camera with her daughter while selling. Just right behind her, the shop was selling 'mei fen' which looked about the same as what we had at Guilin. Only thing was that we were not served.

Instead, they'll pass you a bowl of noodles and you'll have your own choice to add meat, bamboo shoots and fermented vegies to the amount that you like. Then, you'll get some soup from a big pot into the bowl which was close to their kitchen. Don't expect any spoon as the locals usually drink their soup directly from the bowl itself. I noticed that there'll be a small green tag on the bowl stating that it was already sanitized and the tag must be taken off if we used the bowl. I did ponder whether they actually practice hygiene and honest enough to place the tag on the bowl for real. I guess they are because none of us got sick after eating some of the small shops around for the past few days.

We also ordered a few more items to eat just to try their local food. I believed that little pau was called 'siew lung'(i think) and each had a size of a plum. Very cute. It tasted okay and not much meat in it.

After breakfast, with Maria our guide, we rented our own bike to cycle through the village and fields for a few hours. At first, it was a struggle for me at first as the last time I ride a bicycle was at my final year (2004).

The scenery and the fields were simply beautiful and gave me a sense of peace of mind. Tiring but it was well worth it.


Iris said...

The "mei fen" looked like "hung gan" in Sibu. The "sour mee" which Dora used to cook. How was the taste?

Reading your stories of this trip, noticed that you guys had quite a number of different tour guides. How did you manage to ask for their help? Or it is already in the package?

I like the last photo. Something different. What is that?

Oops, too many questions =p Take your time to answer that, hehe.

kat said...

I just want to go Guilin!!