Dec 8, 2009

A Journey to Long Ji Rice Terrace

It was a few hours travel to the rice terrace and it was not easy to avoid the smell of someone vomiting(especially kids). Joyce and I were unlucky enough to experience that on the way up through the mountainous roads to Long Ji.
Along the way, we heard 2 languages from a guide in a bus. One was Mandarin and the other was English(which I barely understood either). So, again I depended a few friends to listen for me.

Around the village, the scenery was beautiful. It was my first time as well to observe rice terraces at such a big scale. But arriving at the Yao's village was just a tip of the iceberg.
Just to feel the cool breeze and listening to the sound of running water made me feel very much relaxed and wanted to stay put a little longer. Of course, we have a schedule to catch up to get to Long Zi.
The village's main attraction was the women who kept their hair for years(I think one of them already in one of the book of records) as a symbol whether they were married, single or married with kids.

During their performance at the village, one should not take 1 pair of chopsticks to drink their tea(for stirring) - so be warned take only 1 stick! If not, one has to stay put in the village. I don't whether to believe or not, I don't want to be one of the guinea pigs to find out.

Their hospitality... interesting. To show their love, they'll just pinch your butt harder. I have a photo of one of my friend got pinched but decided not to show it. :) Yes, I too got pinched!

At the foothills of Long Ji, it's a matter of choice to seek help in carrying bags from the locals. It was rather cheap(RM25) and much to my regret, my bag was not suitable to be carried by hand while climbing up the 'hill'. My legs were already in pain after the trip at the Moon Hill.

I was fascinated of how the people built their houses/hotels on a steep hill like that. Previously, the villagers around the rice terrace were extremely poor. But because of tourism, poverty around the area had reduced. These paddy could only be harvested once a year. Imagine how one need to save just to eat.

More to come about Long Ji. Hehe..

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