Dec 8, 2009

Long Ji Rice Terrace

For a person who's afraid of heights, I felt quite comfortable walking along the narrow road along the mountains.
Only when the paths became a little too steep, I cried out for help from my fellow friends.

Not only paddy were being planted there were a lot of corns in certain parts of the area. The corns looked rather big but not really for us to eat. Probably for their livestocks.

This butterfly reminded me of my childhood cruelty towards its kind. I used to catch a lot of it at my mother's office and pulled its wings off. I didn't know why I did that. Could be curiosity... Could be I was a disturbed kid. :)


KrisKan said...

LOL. I could still remember the time we had lunch together and you guys regaled your childhood memories of torturing those creatures. One of the grossest lunch stories I ever heard!


Kimmy said...

Har har har... :)