Dec 13, 2009

Shangrila at Guilin

This is my last and forgotten post of my Guilin trip. It's been 8 months since I last travelled to China and will be going there again in 2 months time to Shanghai. I don't know why was it called Shangrila as it's not the 'real' shangrila as most of us knew. In a way, I didn't spend much time to study the place that well either.
From outside, no one really knew what was actually inside the area as it was properly closed. That's one thing about the place in China. They really know how to cover the place of attractions with bamboos and plants. In a way, if one is curious enough he/she will enter. For experience, it's a risk worth taking to this place.
There are so many places and items within this area we found quite interesting. Almost everything in sight was worth shooting and to be admired.

Besides walking, it's part of the tour that one had to travel by boat. That's the only way one can travel around that area.

Being in this beautiful place called Guilin, the travel with a few good friends was wonderful. Can't wait for the next trip soon! :)

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