Jan 30, 2010

A trip to Ipoh & Penang

First thing in the morning after reaching in Ipoh last night, we planed to go to Old Town where the popular white coffee started. It's not exactly what most Old Town coffee shops are like nor in a way very classy. But then, it's quite a nice place to have old friends or family members to have breakfast with. Some just have their daily breakfast, some would just tapau(take away) the food home from one of the stalls of this shop.
I took chee chong fun and kopi-o(black coffee) which was just enough for the day.
The guy who cut up the chee chong fun for me was friendly but he could only speak mandarin to me. I could only speak very few words at that moment. So quite challenged at that time. Besides that, you can also buy other foods but at that time the gang and I were in a rush so in such a shoft time and limited size in stomach, it was satisfying enough. :)

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