Mar 28, 2010

Over the line

I was thinking whether my actions and deicision(probably my intentions too) were correct in staying back late for the weekend to support in the factory. I had stayed in the factory since 10 am till 4am to make sure the materials reached their on time without any issues. Due to some unfortunate events, things got delayed till Friday when nobody wants to give anything charitable for the company. To be honest, me neither. It will not be as frequent compare to the previous one but the expectation is there when I had the interview. Fortunately so far, it's not as bad as I imagined only when things got too urgent, it's not exactly a choice to have a free weekend.
Right now, I'm still remaining online at home to monitor the materials. It's a boring thing to do but not alone to be on the alert at least. Of course, I certainly will cut off and fly my way out to see the sunset and fetch my housemate from the airport this evening.


Iris said...

Beautiful shot, Kim :)

Kimmy said...

Thank you, Iris. :)