Apr 1, 2010


I found out someone had betrayed me and I'm not sure whether the person realised what he's doing. Indeed, I was very angry at first when I found out as it was sent in front of my face.

I missed attending Holy Thursday today because of the extra responsibility that was passed down to me since last Saturday. I learnt a lot from it but at the same time, I was quite sad in a way that no one who have the extra knowledge helped me when I really need it.

Looking on the bright side, I was thankful as well that I met more good people along the way to help me and that gains a better relationship to help me in my work. Looking through it all, the treatment due to one person wasn't so bad compare to what I gained during these few days.

Eventhough I couldn't make it for the complete Easter Triduum Mass, I do feel God was with me when I was working in the line. I'm glad for that peaceful and hopeful feelings came into me at that moment when I really needed it.

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