May 24, 2010

Be a eating bosou?

I just found a tourist by the name of Josh used my bosou photo into his blog. I was amused with his cultural experience in becoming a man to was eat that... Guess the article caught a lot of attention to many people at some point of time several years back. In truth, I've been planning to write more of the culture in Sabah but I've been leaving out of home for more than 5 years and could only return once or twice a year. So, I could only describe more or less on the photographs that I manage to take when I return home and food that I managed to take away just to remember back the good ol' taste of home.

My brother, Glen will be returning back to Sabah soon. Now thinking whether he could 'tapau'(take away) some food here. Hmmm..

PS: Mum, if you're reading this blog... don't mind asking Glen to bring some back here? :D

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