May 4, 2010

Tiramisu Success!

The plan had been bothering my mind for months. The first time I made tiramisu, I thought I was smart enough to make it faster and measure without a scale. As expected, it became watery and very sweet. It was still edible and good enough to take it with strong coffee. Just because I don't have a mixture, I used blender instead to mix the egg, sugar and cheese. Instead of becoming stiff and creamy, it looked more like baby poo in yellow. Through this experience, it made me realise that some things had to be done with diligently and a fair amount of patience.

My second attempt went much better. I finally bought scales to have the correct measurement and used less sugar by 100gm. As for mixing the material, I beat it up with my bare hands. It was the time when I felt a deep frustration with my 'homework' that I decided to make a treat for the household. Yes, baking or cooking can be a good stress reliever when one is really stuck in the house. But it's not good if the cook/baker will be the only eater in the house if you know what I mean.

Being able to make this tiramisu and some compliments from my brother and housemate, it was good enough to make my day. :)


beetrice said... when do we get to taste it eh? ;)

Tine said...

With cooking, you can agak agak with the ingredients by taste, but with baking, everything has to be just so. Made a lot of mistakes, wasted a lot of ingredients to learn that lesson.

But good on ya, the tiramisu looks yummy! I have yet to make a tiramisu. High time I give it a go :)

Kimmy said...

Bee: CNY or Christmas? Heheh...

Tine: You bet. Cooking is so much easier and can taste it while you're at it. Baking very hard to predict unless you do some trial and error for the first few times. Ingredients wasn't cheap.. Sakit hati juga when failed. >_<

You should try :) At least don't need an oven to make one hehe.