Jun 23, 2010

Eye Contact

One of the most difficult thing in a conversation is to keep eye contact. I used to be able to do so when I was younger as my parents taught me. The reason was to be polite and pay attention to someone while conversing.
But somehow in reality here, majority seems to look away from probably as a part of culture or perhaps just being less defensive to the other. At first, I found that quite irritating and questioned whether the person was interested in conversing with me. It took me a while that not everyone could keep an eye contact and I shouldn't expect to act like me. So, in way I changed as well by not making too much eye contact while talking.
The joke now is that I found someone who can talk with eye contact and I can't do so while talking. Yes, I find it rather intimidating and felt that I was being probed whether I'm honest or sincere in the conversation.
Adulthood is so hard. I tend to think more and aware that I can't do what I managed to do as a child.


Elizabeth said...

I cannot help but notice you always have at least ONE photo in every of your blog post :D

Kimmy said...

Yup, you're correct hehehe... Good observation.Suppose to be a photo blog but end up like this..