Jun 21, 2010


It was funny in a way that I worked together with the bride and groom from different companies. Attending their wedding, all friends from the current and previous company combined and met. It was a refreshing feel to meet some old friends as well.
What made the bond strong was not only the hardship and stresses that we shared together but also the good times during our breaks and outside activities. Perhaps its because many entered during the same period and many were still young and single that we manage to share a lot of things together. It was certainly like a reunion to most of us.
Mixed feelings came into me. Partly sad that I have left some of my closest friends from the previous company. Partly happy as well that I still could see them again with good relations. Previously, I did have some arguments with them regarded to work(to the extent of raising my voice in anger) , we would still be able to sit down together during our breaks and laugh about it. Those were just some of the happy days I had with them.
It was rather awkward in a way that some current colleagues wondered why many knew me and stopped me to say hi. That made them even more curious in a way how do I actually work in a company. Either I spent so much time with friends without working or I worked hard with a lot of people around me. It's not for me to tell or to prove anything but depends on how a person experience being with me and work with me.

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