Jun 12, 2010

Virgin travels to Singapore

It was an ad-hoc decision from the house. We didn't manage to get the bus ticket to Singapore thanks to sending my brother to the airport. Of course, my dad wasn't happy either that I left my brother much earlier to the airport before his departure by 3-4 hours.So, upon traveling to Singapore, it was a breeze. The true challenge is how to 'dispose' my car as we reached to Singapore. Due to unforseen circumstances, we got lost and didn't manage to stop by at a friend's house to keep the car. In fact, I was advised to drive into Singapore instead. I was in such a dilemma whether I have the guts to drive into Singapore. Being me, I'll ask the question to myself "What's the worst thing may happen to me?".... To someone with lack of experience of traveling into Singapore especially driving, the list of possibilities is definitely lesser. So, we drove in. The procedure was smooth and easy. At the same time it was amusing because the immigration officer thought that we got lost entering into Woodland because I looked rather lost and probably scared because I never drive into a different country on my own with my car.
It was the longest drive I had ever experienced. One, my navigator seems frighteningly inexperienced and both sisters tried to help to navigate me to find the way to the hotel. Imagine when one say one way and the other said another way. Suddenly I beginning to understand why my dad easily scold me in the car when I navigate him in KL or Langkawi when I was younger. He was just as stressful as I drove into Singapore. Luckily I manage to keep my cool throughout the journey. plus the traffic was fine and the only allowable speed I could was was not more than 70km/hr.

Since it was a public holiday (Wesak), there were far too many people lining up to enter Sentosa island. Ironically most of them are Malaysians. Singaporeans or Malaysians who work in Singapore dr0ve back into Malaysia. The line up on entering to Universal Studios was crazy. Even if I didn't manage to book into Universal Studios, I was glad I didn't have to enter. The crowd was immense... Booking for a hotel is a must. We were lucky enough to get a room when someone called up the hotel to make cancellations. I was already prepared to drive back out of Singapore to stay for the night in Johor.

If you intend to do shopping - bring lots of cash (conversion from RM to $Sing... *heartbreaking*) Still.. branded items like sunglasses, sports gear, camera gears and clothes are cheaper than in Malaysia. I spent most of the money on playing games in Sentosa. Most probably once in a lifetime. In most occasions, I felt like a big buffaloe surfing, parajumping and do some extreme games that may be weak for the heart. I enjoyed it very much as it was a new experience. Another thing which is not to be missed is to watch the 'Song of the Sea' show. It was rather short but somewhat refreshing as the music played along with images, fireworks and waters gushing about here and there. Personally, I wished Sentosa can provide a musical fountain for the public to enjoy for free. Things doesn't need to be so dramatic all the time.
On the last day, I manage to find a free parking space in the mall near my hotel. I felt bad to park in such a limited space for shoppers but what the heck... The group manage to do some shopping in the mall. Interestingly enough it opens 24 hours. Far more better than 1U :P. All in all, the virgin travel(which is actually for my car) was completely enjoyable... It was a blast for all of us!


Janice said...

glad that you enjoyed it. I believed in you as you're able to find ways out in optimistic thinking.
Too bad can't meet up with you, next time I shall bring you from tol eh? :p

Kimmy said...

Yes, I did. Hahah... Yeah, optimistic thinking did help a lot in my visit into Singapore. And a lot of it! Prob I'll come over to Singapore again soon. ;) This time by bus...:P

beetrice said...

come to SG never call me oso.. :(

Kimmy said...

Bee: I'm sorry, I should have called. It was extremely last minute and felt rather 'pai seh' to call you up all of a sudden.