Jun 13, 2010

Working in the Ocean = Studying in School

It's never easy to work with a group of people with different personality, language, culture and background. Ironically, their attitude of doing the job or responsibility is about the same only with a different excuse or reason that it can or can't be done.
Generally, I had the tendency to get things 'fixed' with my own hands if things were left alone for a long period of time. Because of that, I was advised not to be victimised to handle it on my own and try to highlight it to someone with higher authority. A few times, I've done that but felt rather guilty instead because the person who manages the team did it himself. I understood that the purpose was to set an example to the team of taking things responsibly and at least to without being told (for some things it's just common sense).
It feels like being in school again... majority had no idea what to do and wait for someone to start doing it and just copy out the outcome from him/her. Unless the teacher scolds them or feed them the answers. Sounds familiar?

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Elizabeth said...

Hm... you mean spoon-feeding? Guess we'll meet all kinds of people in this world as we journey along in our lives. Take it easy, just do whatever you can. No point stressing out over people who is not worth it though :)