Jul 25, 2010

They taste like snails!

I remembered I ordered escargot just to press my luck whether my brother going to have a bite on it. He looked at it in disgust and said, "I'm not going to eat them. They taste like snails."
Unperturbed, I asked, "How do snails taste like anyway?"
"Snails, taste like snails!" he answered.
I knew we going end up talking in circles if that conversation went on. I couldn't stand the idea as well when someone gave me an irritating answer like that. I can make a whole list of irritating statements and comments that probably have no proof or at least some truth in it.
It was a blessing in disguise as well that this 'problem' came up. Just like him in person, he was afraid at almost everything and will wait for someone to do it for him or instruct him to do it (if it's easy). If not, he'll get all sweaty and couldn't even listen what the person was trying to tell him. Obviously he'll panic and call back to me for help.
Learning new things and being adventurous wasn't his best interest. He'd try to avoid it if possible at least to stay out of trouble. So, I shared with him some parts of my 'adventures' and mistakes that happened to me. He envied me that I went through it but expected me to bring in along. That's when I took that opportunity to tell him this would be the first step for something 'adventurous'.
"Eat the snail"
He ate one and enjoyed them ever since. When I asked him again how did they taste like, he said, "They taste good." :)
With that, he's been trying 'exotic' food at least once and a few baby steps with some new things. I am glad that the conversation started out fruitfully for us. At least, I have learned something from it as well.
Snails do not taste like snails if one hasn't really eat that for sure.

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Elizabeth said...

Haha, I agree! How do you know it taste like that if you haven't try it? Not everyone like adventures though, and different people define the term "adventure" differently.

For example, some will think rock climbing is adventurous, while some is afraid of heights, and thinks it's dangerous which if not careful an accident can happen.