Jul 3, 2010


I was angry as I read the news that I made a mistake at work. After much effort in coming extremely early to work for something urgent, my heart fell as I found out that someone wasn't happy with what I did. It was a small matter but I was clear (with a witness) that this task should be done that way.
Never ever trust what is being discussed verbally in both call or conversation. At work, things have to be recorded to make things clear that no mistakes will happen. It happens to anywhere at work and believe me, this is the last time I trust what the person says after today's incident.
I should have trusted more with my feelings that this incident may happen. It was such a waste of time asking the question in the first place where the answer changed on the next day.
I know I shouldn't be so worked up on this matter but seems like I have a problem of letting it go for a moment. It's trivial, I voiced out and still not satisfied.
These feelings bothered me a lot and I don't like it.

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Elizabeth said...

Hm, guess working and studying is really quite a different experience... Must learn from you all! :)