Aug 31, 2010

Evening and night walk in Wuzhen

I'm not really a morning person and rarely take shots on the scenery in the morning. Partly I just couldn't wake up that early... I know in this kind of line of scenic photography, I should make the effort and I rather regret that I could'tn wake up even when the sun is already up at 5am. Yet, there's many more things not to be missed especially the evening and night shots. It gave a romantic feel while walking along the bridges and lanes which were made of stones and cement.

It was only the first day, we took a few transportations from the airport by using a mini van and a high speed trishaw(it used electric motor instead of a man peddling the bicycle). The weather was extremely hot(as it was summer) and still there are a lot of tourists coming down to visit the water village. After taking a boat ride into the village at the west, we headed to the guest house to unpack and catch the evening scene.

Surprisingly, we found a Malaysian who's married to a local happened to manage a restaurant at where we ate. She was from Damansara and was nice to us as we walked out of the restaurant. It was reasonably good and too bad we didn't manage to order any eel (specialty dish in Wuzhen) as part of our dish.

If there's an opportunity to eat for dinner and an empty space in a restaurant, immediately go and have it if possible. Every resthouse and restaurant will be filled with tourists and it took us quite some time to have our dinner. Netherless, we could still enjoy the scene of the night without having so many people walking around. By 10pm, most shops and hotels will be closed and locked. Be sure to ask for the main door key of the hotel before leaving as no one wanted to be locked out.

As for the eastern side of the village, I got put off with the massive number of tourists walking through every single lane. Either one has to wake up really early or to be very fast in taking photos to avoid the noisy and hectic crowd. That certainly need some skill, speed and luck to get good shots. 2 days in Wuzhen was certainly just nice to enjoy and to appreciate its beauty.

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