Aug 29, 2010

Wuzhen - The Water Village

Most people would compare or call this place as 'the Venice of the East'. I dislike the way people compare a place or person from europe or america towards asian countries as if they are superior or initiate that kind of idea or invented it. This place should be names as it's own since it existed for such a long time.
From the moment we touched down to Hangzhou, I was impressed with China's civilization and its development within a few years after it opened up to the world. I can say it put my own country to shame in terms of cleanliness, it's growing technology and how to locals themselves work hard to earn a living no matter what job it is.
This travel is more than just a holiday trip, as we had to 'work' hard to understand and speak in mandarin. One can imagine how we tried to figure out the map with inconsistent meanings between Mandarin and English plus the communication between the locals was a real challenge. Luckily for Carol and Chris, they faired better in Mandarin than I. I would have wanted to learn more of this language but my memory is totally out. I almost cried when Joyce left early back to work which left the rest of us hanging with limited understanding in Mandarin. Still, it's an eye opener to me and managed to bring me out of the window to know more of China from this trip.

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