Sep 13, 2010

Day 2 - Wuzhen

It was a quiet morning in this ancient city and everyone was still quite asleep except for the locals who were preparing breakfast for the customers in the guest house. My friends and I already filled up some forms on the night before on what kind of food to eat. It was limited but just nice for all of us to enjoy our breakfast and enjoyed the view outside. It was quite fascinating in fact that the place wasn't smelly as I would imagined like in my own country. It simply incredible on how they kept the place clean. Probably because it's a tourist spot, the amount of rubbish was close to zero.

It wasn't long after breakfast, more and more people had started to stroll around the area. There wasn't much to see except the buildings itself. Of course there were some small museums around but it didn't really excite us to enter and ponder around it. I guess most of us more or less know the history and life of the people back then just by watching tv. :-P

We walked to the other side of the are which was at the west side of Wuzhen. It was more or less the same but the amount of tourists that came in kinda put us off from taking photos. They came by hundreds not a handful. The best time to have a peaceful time to tour around this place would be early in the morning(which I so much regretted) or in the evening when most people were having dinner.

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