Sep 20, 2010

West Lake, Hangzhou

Just by looking at the signboards, I would have start panicking because I couldn't understand a single character placed on it. Just by looking at the signboards on the highway as well, English words were rare and could be quite inconsistent. It's due to the pronounciation that the words being spelt out can be quite different. And for the first time, I didn't know how to read the map. Some didn't place the North direction on the map and and english map had much less details compare to the chinese written map. The indication of "You are here" was not placed on the map at the lake. It was quite stressful as well that we took several hours to reach back to our hotel. The West Lake was definitely large and don't play a fool if one decides to walk around the lake. One needs at least a car to travel around the lake.
Being there, I was impressed with its cleanliness and how much effort the country tried to maintain and improve its environment. It's totally different from what my own country is doing. The priority in taking care of the environment is at a minimal. Sometimes, I even see parents themselves teach their kids to throw rubbish anywhere since it'll be picked up by someone else. Someone would say an educated person wouldn't do such a thing. To me, a selfish educated person would say they had paid their taxes to pay someone else to pick it up.

 At the end of the day, we stopped by at a shop near our hotel to have a drink. There's also a home restaurant that cooked some home cooked meal. It was delicious :-) Once you're out in the city, it's very hard to find such a cheap and delicious meal.

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