Dec 10, 2010

Chinese Opera

 I was introduced by a close friend on Chinese Opera few years back and been attending a few of her performances to appreciate its art and colour that surrounded its performances.

To some, it's hardly appreciable because of the language and its 'musical' tune which made is harder to understand. Not many were introduced on understanding its meanings when this opera was being performed. Normally, to understand the meaning of each colour, gesture and movement someone really had to spend an amount of time and money to invest this kind of hobby.

I on the other hand was lucky to have a friend who had this kind of interest and sometimes would invite me and some of the friends to watch.

Music scores were quite easy to read but it'll be 'quite' difficult for a person who experienced in reading the 'taugeh' type. My first hand experience in playing this is to adjust the do, re, mi, into 1, 2, 3, and so on. After number 5, I had a problem where my finger should go to while playing the er-hu. Right now, it's collecting dust in my room after my dad returned back to Sabah. I guess that'll be my next challenge to at least conquer this 'mysterious' instrument.

I would have loved posting some photos of people in action in handling the makeup but I'll just wait another time. Every character have different kind of design in makeup. To most of us, they look the same. Which reminds me of my brother trying to different between the different kind of teas which he commented, "they taste the same".  I guess the chinese culture has its own complexities which one really had the ability to notice its difference and the 'meaning' behind its arts. Just like tea, they all don't taste the same. One really had to sit down and let the smell and slowly taste the tea flowing down through your throat.

Overall, the opera was fun and interesting to look at. Perhaps one day it may go international where we can easily see it on tv just like in China plus the translation itself so that most of us would be able to understand it just like what people in Europe are currently doing for their opera in italian. One needs a 'little' extra effort to do this and we can easily get this kind of culture to spread around the community for all races.

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