Dec 29, 2010

End Year Celebration

This holiday wasn't really a holiday of eating and sleeping. It was a high adrenaline kind of holiday with a few calories to shed.
There were multiple activities and celebration happened back in Sabah. Too long to describe the 'workload' :-p I had from the moment I step into my homeland. Two weeks went by like days and it made me very lazy and sluggish(in terms of work). It made me wanted to return back to Sabah permanently and be with the family more often.

Here's what happened....

1. Family Sports
By hook or by crook we just had to do it. To some who had beed looking through my facebook. It looked scary(looked aggressive and vigourous). Some would say almost like team building.

2. Christmas Party
Since childhood, my cousins and I would line up and receive our presents given by our parents, aunts and uncles. The gifts were arranged in a systematic manner and it wasn't so easy as the number of people increasing within our family had been increasing. Which is a good thing (more presents).. Hehe

3. Ang Chuan Family Reunion
I was appointed as one of the photographer for this. It was difficult as the hall was dark and had to fully utilize my flash. Generally, photos would look good without flash but probably there are ways of using flash and some other gadgets needed to reduce the light's harshness.

4. The New Year
It was a simple celebration with bbq-ing, eating & singing. At the stroke of midnight the younger generation would throw water balloons among each other to get ourselves wet. I used to remember that getting wet or washed on the New Year will wash away your bad luck and start all again freshed. I do this for fun :)

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