Dec 19, 2010

Smartcar at UKM

 I volunteered myself to be the marshal for the smarcar competition organized by my company. I always enjoyed volunteering (as long as I'm not part of the organizing team :-p) as I get to have some road trip and making new friends at the same time. Another reason was to see how my uni had faired in being part of the participants.
 My job was just to be a marshal. It was quite easy as the rules were extremely lenient. I realised that the tracks may seem easy but to program such a toy in tracking the black line using its sensors weren't easy at all. It needed a lot of precision and speed to be able to move along such a track. It took one whole day to build such a track and it was quite funny to watch the outcome of how the toy cars moved along the tracks.


For the ones who build the tracks, they too had a fair share of fun.
So who won? I had mixed feelings about it as I watched UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)pulled out from the race as their car couldn't move at all but at the same time the universiti from my state, UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) won the first two prizes. Way to go Sabah!  

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