Jan 20, 2011

I'm a Sino Kadazan II

This is in response to my previous blog since there are a few questions concerning out bumiputera status. Right now, in document... I'm officially a Kadazan.
Let's do a little homework of our rights as a Sino-Kadazan or anyone who is half, quarter or at least have some native blood...

I've extracted from this article "Constitution of the State of Sabah" from this government site, and according to it at
Part V, General Provisions
41. Safeguarding positions of Natives

(10)         n this Article, "Native" means a person who is a citizen, is the child or grandchild or a person indigenous to the State, and was born (whether on or after Malaysia Day or not) either in the State or to a father domiciled in the State at the time of the birth.

It means there should be no argument or question that you are a native. This extract will be your tool of debate if someone deterred you from getting the equal rights as a Sabah native. Any parent or grandparent who is a native... you should be considered a native. Regardless whether it's your mother or your father's side.
Only recently, I returned back to Sabah to rectify my IC by going to Kota Kinabalu Immigration Office.
Be sure to bring your parent's and your copy of the birth certificate and IC as well on your way there.
You should go to the office where people register and apply for birth and death certificate.
I explained my predicament and they told me that I had to renew my birth cert to a green one. From there, they'll ask you to choose which race you want to choose. Chinese or Kadazan?
It was rather strange that there's no longer 'Sino' recognised in this state. I chose Kadazan. Forms were filled up and returned to the main counter.
After that, you'll be given a date to get your new birth cert but you can retain your old birth cert. Even if they request me that I should give my original birth cert, I'd rather not give it away and would find other ways to get my native rights. But with the green birth cert, I was able to change my IC right away in any registration office.

So, please inform other friends who have the same problem as I did.
To be honest, I still think there's still something amiss because it was too easy to change myself as Kadazan in the new birth cert without further questioning or discussion on it. Previously, surat anak negeri "child of state letter" was needed to prove that you are a native. Why the sudden elimination of the word "sino"?

I wanted to comment this to this facebook "I'm Proud to to be a Sino Kadazan-Dusun" that from what the media is portraying was the opposite of what I experienced when I had to choose 1 race. I feel that this will be a big problem for us sooner or later. This should be brought to discussion and brainstorming.

Another thing to add in the green birth cert... There's no statement of what is your current religion. I hope they won't assume all natives have the same religion.


Anonymous said...

this is so ridicilous! must be the works of malay-influenced bn! i am proud of my sino-kadazan heritage!
i hate those malay politicians trying to convert all non-malay sabahans.

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