Jan 23, 2011

Walk with me

Even if it's just a few seconds or minutes, there are things that gives a deep impression which may last forever. It was my first few months in my previous company that I came to work which I believed it was a public holiday to support a few people as the expectation of that factory was to run at 24/7.
My ex-manager also came to work to support production wearing his smock with a few tools with him. As I entered the production line with him he said, 'walk with me'. We discussed a few plans on how to resolve some issues and went on our own separate ways to fix a few setups. There also some funny moments when I say him screaming "I can't take it anymore!!" and yet he continued a few moments longer to get the setup running. I couldn't blame him because it's been a while for him to touch a machine since he had to spend more time in managing people and giving presentations. It took great skill and practise to be able to make a machine to function. That's why having a technician was really important as the front liners of war in production. We engineers could also do so but slower. Our fingers were faster in typing, clicking and analysing data to solve a repetitive problem.
Not surprisingly, he eventually got promoted to a higher position and build up quite a strong team back then. This is one of the moments that I remembered there and then. I wish one day, I would do the same as well if I in turn become one.

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