Apr 23, 2011

God is with us

It's been almost 3 years since I met my friend which was her wedding. After that, we lost contact and I only knew her updates through a few of my friends who were connected to her.
Today, it's her son's first birthday and I decided to come over and celebrate the joy with the family. To any new parents with a first child on the first year, it's somewhat one can say something worth to celebrate and at least have a moment to experience this 'gift' or miracle together. Emmanuel (which is his name) is indeed a miracle. The struggles that the family had gone through was not easy as he was born with a serious heart condition. God was indeed with them throughout those tried times and now he is in good health. Everyday in living in this world, is definitely a gift after understanding how fragile life can be.
Driving back home to prepare for the Easter Vigil, it made me reflect deeper about living. In short, this gift of life given by God shouldn't be taken for granted. Life can mean a lot of things and depends on how a person perceives it.

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