Apr 10, 2011

To be in the market

I was looking through my exam results in uni and I could say that the results were mediocre to some people (to some it's kinda bad). As I reviewed with most of my friends and collegues, I felt extremely inferior towards them as they could easily scored in thermodynamics, microelectronics, statistics and so on. It caused me so much pain to have that image behind my head that my grades weren't competitive enough like how most of my uni mates had scored. Honestly,  I could imagine that I was at the bottom because most of my friends scored all As and Bs. I had more Bs and Cs on my first 2 years in uni and almost decided to drop off engineering after my 2nd year. I always believed that I must get at least a B in every subject because that's what most managers would look for when they tried to hire fresh graduates.
Much to my surprise, I was easily hired because of being able to communicate in English. In a 'selfish' manner, I was glad many of the those who were top in class and had better grades than mine had difficulty to get a job because of it.
Indeed, I am sad that the language had deteriorated in this country, but it is better for people like me to have the same opportunity to be a part of the competitive world.

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