Apr 18, 2011

To realise what I have missed out

When I remained in the same place to work or to study, I always thought that I had been learning new things continously. Without realising it, I was actually repeating the same thing only that the challenge became a little more intense.
I started to apply another job after the day that my colleague had her wedding outside of town. I couldn't remember the reason why I really held my promise to stay on but I guess it was worth the wait since I was very close to this colleague of mine. Up to now, memories of making fun of her and had a heart to heart talk about life and work at the cubicle cropped up in my mind in my current job.
As I set out to go for a few interviews, there are some which were not related to my job especially when I came to my brother's company to try out. The job was to be in marketing. It had been more than 3 years I hadn't touch on sales and marketing that I could say I really lose touch on it. Nonetheless, engineering and cartoons weren't much of a combination anyway.
Those that seem related, I had a feeling that the companies weren't serious in searching for potential employees. One of the things I would ask from the potential employers before going for the interview, was that how many people that they have already short listed... More than 5 people, I backed out and searched for another one. This shows how 'serious' they were in looking for people and how good they were in determining the right person for the job.
The only interview that gave me an impact on myself was the current job that I am holding. Somehow the interviewer made me realise how much things that I have not yet learned and how little I knew about being a product engineer. I was quite eager to get the job because of how he advertised its benefit to work in his department but at the same time, I was quite sure I may not get the job either.
To my surprise, I got it eventually and in some ways it did surpass my expectations of how an engineer suppose to think. No doubt sooner or later, I may consider going through another round of interviews to see how much more opportunities for me to learn than being stagnant again.

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