May 8, 2011

"Miri? What can you find in Miri?"

I couldn't think of anything reasonable except for visiting a good friend and her family. It was many years back since I met them and they've been asking me when I'll be coming down for a visit. Since it's a 3 day weekend and nothing much to do, I decided to do something spontaneous.
I miss the feeling of traveling and experience the little adventures with a few close friends. Some had changed careers, move to a different town or move on to a different kind of life. In a way, I feel lonely that I had no one to go around with. Sometimes, I felt there's a voice telling me that my time will come when I had to move out and make my own adventures on my own. That voice scares me. Perhaps I'm just being delusional...

I was not entirely prepared with my trip to Miri and had no expectations on making as a 'tour'. I did have many things in my mind such as hiking or following my friend to Brunei to eat cheap sushi. In fact I was quite tired to do any of it after my 'havoc' at work. I suspect that due to my age, my recovery from sleepless nights was extremely slow. Still, I consider this trip to be extremely fruitful.
One of the things that I noticed was fresh air. The moment I step out of the airport, I could almost smell the cool sweet smelling of fresh air around the place. Being in the city for a long time made me realise how much I missed it. It reminded me so much of home.

It's the season where you can find cheap shrimps or 'ubuk' which were being used for making belacan. Due to the unpredictable weather which is happening in Malaysia, everything went a bit haywire. There were not many stalls selling this at the side of the road or market. We only found one when we were driving along the road after mass on Sunday. What was more interesting, more and more people stopped their car and bought a large amount of it. Some even brought their own pail to had it filled up for a few ringgit.

It was an interesting to see people buy them in kilos. I never seen people buy and sell such raw material at that kind of amount.

Other than that, I had a good rest at my friend's home and good food prepared by her family. I also bought 2 books written by Khaled Hosseini to fill up my time when it was raining outside and when many were taking their afternoon nap. This is one of the holidays that I enjoyed most which made me feel rejuvenated and looked forward the next day.

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kat said...

I personally think that sometimes, we see something out of the un-planned trip.