May 22, 2011

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. - John Powell

I was reading with interest on the news about the landslide that hit at Hulu Langat and deeply saddened to know that there are still deaths happening in this country due to natural disaster. Still, development continues for the sake of gaining higher profits and consumers were gullible enough to buy such housings.
Perhaps this time, the poorer people will have to suffer as the price of building will plumet which made it more affordable to buy. The news of many innocent children at the orphanage died showed a lot how irresponsible the developers and engineers who signed it off allowed this disaster to happen.
I wonder if they could actually sleep peacefully just to know the building that they developed killed so many people almost every year. Imagine how much blood had been spilled on their hands everytime such a decision given when these building were being built. Does the government actually cared a lot on checking through all the potential areas which may cause landslides. Are the lives of fellow Malaysians considered that cheap? Up to now, I still see homes and buildings developed on hilltops. We probably going to see more deaths in the near future when rainfall comes.

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William Wang said...

The government just could not care less about its people, as long as money is concerned. So each of us has to look out for ourself. A present potential incident will be the Rare Earth Lynas Plant in Gebeng, Pahang. They will proceed with the project despite potential radioactive damage to enviroment & cancerous death to its people.