Jul 25, 2011

Truth & Justification

Many times, I know the truth of myself and the actions I probably do to get myself into trouble. People often say the mind and heart works differently and it's a constant battle to choose.

I firmly believe that the mind will always be correct as I already have the facts and statistics at hand. But.. there is always doubt in the heart that I may regret it. Such feelings without much truth and facts seems to be more 'real' and more drawn to where I want to go.
Again, between these two... I should have known better.

The word 'justification' striked in my head recently and this was where the battle begins. Sometimes this kind of justification clouds a person's mind and try to justify that the lie may be the truth and I might be able to live with it. The details are already clear in front of me but I'm looking way beyond the picture and 'tried' to see and make it clear.

Funny... it's exactly the same what I'm seeing the people around me too. I'm not alone. But, I don't want to be a fool like how Antoine de Saint Exupéry wrote in his novel, The Little Prince of how strange people he met made so much justifications.

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