Aug 3, 2011

Vietnam - Day 2

It was a short tour to Delta Mekong River before to continue our trip to Nha Trang by train. It was quite a boring trip as we were stuck in the jam for several hours in the bus. The tour guide told us the situations and the salary of the locals on how hard they earn a living. It's quite a surprise they own at least 2 license so that they could continue riding their bike to work. And the helmet were rather 'soft' to be used in riding a bike. Based statistics, it's believed that 33 deaths occurred daily due to accidents in this country.

Upon reaching the river, we had a boat ride to the market, the place smelled like sewage... The river was purely brown and at least there's some green to cover up the dullness of the river.

We stopped over to a village where they showed us how they made the skin of the spring roll, coconut candies and rice crackers. Interesting knowledge.... The place where they made distilled wine looks exactly how the kadazandusn made it.

The Mekong tour ended by using a small boat with a lady paddling us from behind. Her sighing was really working as we ended up tipping her some money. I felt sorry at the same time anyway because of our weight that slowed down the movement of the boat compare to the rest. Unless she purposely looked tired and rowed slowly to its final destination.

All was not lost somehow on this trip around Mekong. It was a test for most of us on how to get a good shot and seeing the beauty behind all of this 'mess'. Just like my life... it may be just as messy and murky... there's always a silver lining within it.

We reached back to the hotel at around 7pm. We managed to buy some sandwiches using baguettes and pizza from a nearby bakery. There's no time to have dinner and rushed to the train station with our belongings...

We ended the night with a strong fan and a window opened wide which made FC even more comfortable because of dust. We had a good laugh as well that both of us thought our iPad could play the radio which in fact from his downstairs neighbour.

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