Aug 2, 2011

Vietnam - Day 1

 It was the 2nd day of August when my dad arrived in KL to babysit my brother in fear that he'll crash my in the middle of nowhere.
My friends and I arrived to Ho Chi Minh also known as Saigon in the morning after a few hours flight from KLIA.
First thing not to be missed is the black coffee. To me, it's the typical kopi-o. To some, expresso. Really black and thick in a half small cup.

We stopped by at the nearest restaurant called "Pao" which was quite near to our hotel at Pham Ngu Lao. The food was 'okay' for starters but the flavours were rather bland. The only thing I enjoyed there were the summer rolls.
Everything was quite different in how everyone socialize with each other and how did they spend their time to exercise or to chill out. The place reminded me of Chinatown in New York where almost every table at the park had two people competing each other in chinese chess with a group of outsiders watching or cheering once the winner was finalised.

The most common transport in Vietnam was the motorcycle. The amazing thing about that vehicle was that it could be used as a chair or a bed(outside of the house of course). Most of them who were thin enough could do that easily. :)

I noticed that no one brought out a camera or took photos around the area, I was warned not to bring out my camera as and it'll highly likely to be stolen by one of the motorcyclists. In the end, I kept my camera back into my bag after taking a few shots. Sigh..

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Jane said...

I would go here for the food but have to wait for a group visit. Nice post Kim!