Apr 7, 2013

Hiking In Gasing Hill

Gasing Hill has always been my favourite place to release stress and to be one with nature. On every trip, there will always be something to see, to experience dad to smell. This day I Saw there were plenty of mushrooms of different shapes and colours growing on the dead trees to assist decomposition. A part of the cycle of life.

I manage to stop and observe one of the mushrooms releasing its spores down to the ground and with some assistance of a small gust of wind. It was indeed a beautiful and interesting sight.

With a camera phone, couldn't catch the spores falling out of those mushrooms. A little frustrated at first, but I am thankful to witness how nature revolves around us. Many times, I don't even notice those little things and rather to pay attention what is really called out for me in verbal.

Time to make a short stop and jot down the nice feeling. :) A good way of ending my week.

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