Feb 8, 2014


As I sat down on the floor while waiting for the gate to open and read the contents of the last few messages in sms and whatsapp. I cried a little as I read through some messages from my family and a few close friends. I didn't really care whether anyone was watching or felt embarrassed of being a cry baby.
Most likely because of a huge gap of seeing my dad and bro so often during the last few weeks gave the pangs of loneliness as I walked into the departure hall. I cried again in the plane as the light went out and saw the last message from a close friend as he said that this not suppose to be a sad moment but always think of a good future ahead. It was good that the lights were switched off as no one would noticed that tears flowing uncontrollably. 
I took only a few things with me and only had a book titled The Road Less Traveled  to read during the whole flight. It gave me another different perspective as I read it again after several years. A good friend recommended the book to me and it made me notice more of my own character and behavior. I owe a lot to this friend for supporting me spiritually and emotionally since my uni.
Now, with this new journey it's another new ballgame to enter. I was not comfortable with the big change but the heart seems to urge me to go for it. I was scared. I prayed a little and slept.

The big leap

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