Mar 17, 2014

Spring Hike at Lost Dog Wash

A colleague recommended me to hike around Lost Dog Wash to see the dessert flowers. It was an extremely easy hike but not to be taken lightly because of the dry environment and no source of water. Keep in mind to bring enough liquid during the hike.

It was quite an amazing feeling to observe how fast those flowers popped out and grew. There is still beauty even in such harsh conditions and it taught me on appreciating my life which I always thought to be harsh at my own personal level. There are so many things back home taken for granted and I never really appreciate it until I come here. 

Soil and water would be the first thing I think about since it's VERY hard to plant anything here. I tried to plant a rosemary plant 3 times. And 3 times it died. The first was the extreme sunlight. Second was soil and lastly the soil. To watch these dessert flowers strive with such limitations amazed me even more. I will walk again around the dessert to enjoy the smell and view once summer ends.

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